It will highlights your trip Only for data communication For SIM free terminal and SIM unlocked terminal There is no data communication limits for upload
Prepaid data SIM 彩 (# irodori) features
Prepaid data SIM 彩 (# irodori) features
To share memories of the trip as soon as possible

Upload has no data communication limits
  Upload your trip's interesting memories to SNS
with photos and videos
  Please attach hashtag "#irodori" and share the scenery of Japan with people all over the world.

Hospitality to highlight your travel

SIM pin

Originally designed

Coupons that you can use for shoppings in Japan

In addition, we packed a lot of information
useful for your travel.

Service fee

※1 When the prescribed data traffic volume is exceeded, the communication speed will be decreased to up to 200 kbps.
※2 You can cut and use according to the SIM card size of your terminal.

Look at the operability confirmed terminal

Please check before purchase

Please note that starting procedure cannot be carried out each from 22:00 Tuesday to 9:00 Wednesday due to system maintenance.

Click here for 220MB per day plan Click here for 220MB per day plan
Sales location
Flow of use
See the setting method (PDF opens)

■Please do the prescribed procedure within 10 days after purchasing the package. It may not be available after 10 days. ■You cannot return the SIM after opened the package. Also, SIM card can not be reissued. ■Please use SIM free terminal or SIM unlocked terminal. ■If you exceed the prescribed high-speed data traffic volume, the communication speed will slow down to up to 200kbps.